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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Latest PG Updates


Ok we are 30 weeks and 1 day.

Babies are weighing in a little more than 3 pounds each right now. If I remember right, it was 3.4, 3.6 and 3.12. But that is not an exact science. It's very hard to get a good view of each baby in there. Still doc says those are great healthy weights.
Heart rates were like 147, 160 (boy) and 180.

BP was 140/87. Still borderline. But test results from the other day shows I am spilling traces of protein. So doc says I have mild pre-eclampsia. It's not progressed bad enough to force me to deliver today. And I don't have to be in the hospital yet which is good.

But -- he does need to monitor me very closely (twice a week) to watch for progression of the pre-eclampsia. He gave me a steroid shot today and I go back for a second one tomorrow. It is to help with maturing the babies' lungs in case we have to deliver early. He feels the pre-eclampsia probably wont stay this mild for six whole weeks and I will have to go early. BUT we never know what GOD has in store. So keep us in prayer.

I go back Monday for another appt. (tomorrow for shot and monday for appt)...


BP today was 157/90 then 169/82 then back down to 140/82. He was not pleased. Strict bedrest -- can only get up for potty and food till Monday's appt. And he said "bring your stuff monday and be prepared to stay." Not sure what that means. Possibly just monitoring and getting meds to keep BP down and back home I am hoping.
I will have Josh continue to update the emails for me. The kids are going to Graham to stay at mom's for a few days this week. Keep the prayers coming.

PS-- the importance of keeping BP down when pg is bc when BP is too high (anything over 140/90) adequate oxygen and blood flow cannot get to the fetus(es). So that's why we have to be so careful.


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