The Bruton Triplets and More

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My dr actually called me at home tonight. Said he noticed my appt tomorrow wasnt until 4:30 and that is too late. He wants me there in the morning....

I was feeling pretty bad this evening. BP up 157/90 and very short of breath with a lingering headache that has only now gone away after a nice bath and nap.

I am just glad I am in the hands of a great dr. We recently moved (in Feb) from small townsville for this purpose --- to be closer to the better medical facilities....

still hoping to keep babies cooking as long as possible -- even if that means staying in hospital for awhile.


Cara 14 liver tx 92 & 97, Blake 10, Madison 9, Noah Joshua 18 mos HLHS
BGG triplets due nov 16">" alt="Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker" borde


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